Disclaimer: None of the products or Web sites listed on this page are endorsed or supported by
the East Side Union High School District (ESUHSD). This page is for informational purposes only
and is intended to help ESUHSD employees with staff Web sites in developing and maintaining their
own Web pages.

To obtain a Web site account contact your APED or APA. They need to request an account on
your behalf by calling the district help desk (x75500).

To put information on a Web site there are 2 basic steps:

  1. Create an HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) document using an HTML editor.
  2. Upload the document to the desired section of your Web site using an FTP client.

HTML Editors

An HTML editor allows you to write an HTML formatted page, often without having to know
anything about actual HTML code.

There are a variety of HTML editors, each with different features and learning curves. Here is
a list of some editors currently available:

Windows PC


There is ample documentation on the Web for most HTML editors. You can also use any basic
text editor such as Notepad or TextEdit to edit the raw HTML code. Office applications such as
Word allow documents to be saved as HTML although the HTML they produce may not be
compatible with all browsers. There are a lot of Web sites that offer tutorials on editing raw HTML
such as HTML Goodies or W3 Schools. Doing a search on 'HTML tutorials' using your preferred
search engine should bring up plenty of alternatives.

Once you have created a page using an HTML editor, you need to save it as a *.htm file and then
upload it to your Web site using an FTP client.

FTP Clients

As with HTML editors, there are also a number of FTP clients available:

Windows PC


Note that some HTML editors have built-in FTP clients although some users may prefer to use an
external one. Also MS Internet Explorer and some other Web browsers can be used as an FTP
client. There are tutorials on FTPplanet and Candidinfo. Doing a search on 'FTP tutorials' using your
preferred search engine should bring up plenty of alternatives.

Using an FTP client you can transfer your HTML document to your Web site. Once that has been
done, your document should be available on the Web for all to see.