Chapter 23:  The Industrialization of the West, 1760 – 1914


Part 5 Introduction Questions:

  1. What influences did Western civilization have on non-European areas?
  2. How did non-Western civilizations respond to Western contact and influences?
  3. What was the connection between industrialization and Western imperialism?
  4. What demographic transitions and population movements occurred?
  5. How did industrialization and population changes affect the environment?
  6. How did industrialization lead to greater social and economic inequality?
  7. What scientific, intellectual, and artistic movements influenced this period?



  1. Imperialism
  2. Hegemony
  3. Industrialization
  4. Population Revolution
  5. Proto-industrialization
  6. American Revolution, 1776
  7. French Revolution, 1789
  8. Nationalism
  9. Congress of Vienna
  10. Liberals
  11. Radicals
  12. Conservatives
  13. Greek Revolution
  1. The Reform Bill of 1832
  2. Factory System
  3. Luddite
  4. Revoltions of 1848
  5. Chartist Movement
  6. Social Question
  7. Socialism
  8. Neo-Europes
  9. Feminist Movement
  10. Mass leisure culture
  11. Romanticism
  12. Triple Alliance, Triple Entente
  13. Balkan Nationalism



Chapter 23 Review

  1. What themes dominated the history of Western civilization between 1750 – 1914?
  2. What ideas and pressures led to the Era of Atlantic Revolutions 1789 – 1830?
  3. What two revolutions began the era; how did they transform Western socieity?
  4. What ideas did the American and French revolutions unleash?
  5. How did conservatives attempt to restore the balance of power?
  6. What political ideologies challenged European conservatives?
  7. What were the origins of the Industrial Revolution?
  8. How did the Industiral Revolution affect traditial European lifestyles?
  9. Why did the 1848 revolutions breakout and what did they achieve?
  10. What role did nationalism play in European politics after 1848?
  11. How did the social roles of European governments change after 1870?
  12. What ideologies challenged the traditional social system after 1870?
  13. How did Western culture change in the 19th century?
  14. What advances occurred in the sciences and arts?
  15. What factors led to the rise of the United States?
  16. What role did the United States play in world history?
  17. What enclaves of Western culture arose outside of Europe?
  18. What developments led to the outbreak of World War I?


Thesis Writing

  1. How did mankind’s impact on the environment change from the Agricultural Revolution through the 19th century?
  2. How did the role of religion change in Europe from 1500 to 1900?