Full country name: Republic of Venezuela
Area: 912,050 sq km (355,700 sq mi)
Population: 21,051,000
Capital city: Caracas (pop 3,435,795)
Language: Spanish is the official language
Religion: mainly Roman Catholic
Government: Democracy
President: Hugo Chavez

The Capital City of Caracas


Venezuela is a country that is located in South America.Vast beauty encompasses the landscape of Venezuela.The Andes Mountain Range (2nd largest in the world) is located in Venezuela. Petroluem is the leading natural resources that fuels the econonmy in this nation.The population is made up of primarly mestizos (half indian and half european in descent). For several years civil war has encompassed both the government and the people of Venezuela. Drug wars have been a serious problem in this region of he world. Both the U.S. and the local government have been fighting with the local drug cartels to stop the flow of drugs into the U.S.


Early History

Many indigenous indian tribes thrived in Venezuela at one time. Some of the greatest early civilaztions could be found in Venezuela some time ago. In the year 1520 the first European settlement was established in this region. The indiginous people put up a great struggle against their spanish oppressors. Eventually other European country's began to take notice of Venezuela. Germany was another key player in taking control of the country and suppressing the indians that dwelled there. Neither gun nor knives were the driving force behind the killings of the indians, the colperate was instead European diseases that whipped through the country.

With little lottable valueables many European country's became disintrested in the country. Leaving many of the wealthy spanards to fend for themselves. This gave Simon Bolivar the oppurtunity to overrun the country and drive out the Europeans. In 1821 he seized the country from the Spanish with a decsive victory. Bolivar liberated this country and Columbia, he is seen as one of the greatest heros in Latin America. "Gran Columbia" was Bolivar's dream, to see all the latin American countrys united, sadly he died in 1830 never able to see his dream come true

In 1910 a large oil reserve was discoverd in the Maraciablo Basin. This discovery brought temporary prosperity to the nation. By the 1920's Venezuela became one of the leading oil exporters in the world. 1947 was the first democratic election held in the country.



The Roman Catholic Church has a prodominant influence in this region. This religion though isnt the only region in the country. Protestants have been gaining influcence and control over this region as well. Spanish is considered to be the language of the people in this country although 25 other indigenous languages are still spoken in this region of the world.

Music is considered to be the dominant culture outlet of the people in this region. Many ordinary events such as parades, fiestas, and cockfighting are popular. As far as food goes there are several varietys of meat and vegetables that are consumed on a daily basis.



The country of venezula has been engulfed in civil war for several years. Only recently has the country adopted a democratic government. Logging and mining has been a problem for the Venezuelan government for some time. European nations have been putting pressure on Venezuela to protect the Amazon Rain Forest. Only recently has the government adopted policies protecting this natural resource that has been abused for so many years.

British Parliment has had an influence over the Venezuelan government. Both in the structure of their judicial system and of their legislation. Without this European intervention much of the country would still be exploted by individuals that wish to increase their own wealth without regards to the enviornment.


For a long time the country of Venezuela has been unable to find an exportable material that they could use to boost their economy. In the Maracabio Basin a large oil reserve was found in the 1910's. This discovery lead to short term economic prosperity. They soon became the world's largest oil exporter. Even with this abundance of wealth, most of the money didn't find its way to the common people.

Still most of the people living in this country were in poverty. This poverty lead to uprising within Venezuela and lead to the first democratic elections in 1947.



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