Political System of Spain

Agicultural Age: Pre-democratic political systems of many kinds, in feudal systems and ancient empires.

Industrial Age: Representative democracy and a multiparty political system for the rising middle class in the west, with democracy based on an informed educated middle class. Democratic centralism in socialist countries with population also educated.

Information Age: Global democratization trends in former communist and South countries today with modern information technologies making control to citizens by dictators difficult. Important issues initiated by direct, grass roots, participatory democracy in volving media coverage, electronic networking on the Internet, Faxs, and other forms of electronic democracy.

Total Summary on Political System of Spain: Spain is a parliament monarchy. The prime minister is head of government. The prime minister is Felipe Gonzalez Marquez from the socialist party. There is a bicameral legislature who is cortez Generalez, consisting of a 255 seat senate and a 350 seat congress of deputies the latter having the greater power. The voting is age 18. The primary political paties are the Spanish Socialist Party and the Popular Party. Spain is divided into 17 autonomous communities or regions. Each region has its own rights and officials and justice system. Spain is a social and democratic country.


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