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-Government: This is a site where you can find a lot of information about Spains' Government

-Political system: This is the site where you can find out about more Government and Politics

-First humsn settlement: Cool site about ancient Spain and others

-http://www.beautifulview.com/spain/tappas04.mov: We pictures from this site

-http://www.beautifulview.com/spain/tappas08.mov: More pictures

-http://connect.cune.edu/shs/students/spain/spain.mov: Site where we recieved some information



Student Links

Goya: This is a site about the artist Goya.

Velazquez : Also another Artist.

Flamenco is a dynamic dance style and music from Spain.


Movie Links:

The Church of the Holy Family

King Of Spain

Kings Guards Marching

Spain's Bull



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