General Santa Anna

Even though Austin's release from detention in July 1835 was a plead to shun down violence, the situation did not improve. The Mexican government wanted the Yanquis out of Texas. They were to receive no land from the Mexicans. Due to Bustamente's harsh directions, Americans were imprisoned on trumped up charges. Mexican bands burned farmhouses and barns, stampeded cattle, and even resorted to murder. They used violence as a way of getting rid of the Yanquis.

Antonio Lopez De Santa Anna was elected as president of Mexico in 1833 of April first. This election occurred after he led a revolt that overthrew Bustamente. He then proclaimed himself dictator of the Republic. He thought of himself as a second Mexico's dictator president. Santa Anna led his countrymen in the battle against the United States. He ordered the massacre at the Alamo. Santa Anna was one of Mexico's most decorated and important heroes. He wore a gold-braided uniform with sparkling medals that were only another additin to his radiant glamour in Mexico's people eyes. Santa Anna could also be called, "The Hero Of Veracruz. He had lost a leg defending Veracruz against the French in 1841. But after being defeated in the war againt the United States he was no longer filled with popularity. In1879 he died almost forgotten, at the age of 81.

In 1846 American forces stormed Mexico city. Peace came when Santa Anna ceded Texas. And later California, New Mexico, and parts of Arizona. Benito Juares, minister of justice, then ordered all church and army property seized and given to the needy. Conservative groups fought these measures and a civil war ensued.

Santa Ana's presidental career never really started. He claimed being sick and maintained in hacienda right after becoming president.Santa Anna left Gomez Farias as provisional president. He proclaimed himself as '' liberator of Mexico.'' After overthrowing Gomez Farias when he attempted to reduce the army size, attacked the church, and military privileges. Santa Anna also assumed dictatorship, dismissed congress, restored military and eccleastical prerogatives, and exiled the leading liberals.