Pinochet was acused of torture and murder. He now awaits trial in latin america.

He was not so long ago arrested after being accused for murder and torture.He is now in prison in EUROPE!

Pinochet was also a dictator of chile for some years.He was also a military general for alot of years.But he moved from general to a senate position.And he has tons of people trying to protest against him.

In his military years he was a great leader but he also killed lots and lots of people for no reason now when he is trying to get a place in the senete everybody is going against him.

Pinochet started out living in chile then he went to latin america for trial and he won. Later he was arrested for murder and torture on a young lady.He has murdered over millions of people and tortured alot of people to. Now when it comes to election time no one will vote for him except his loyal people. He probably wont get elected for senate. But he keeps saying, "All the things that happened to me were in the past, and now I am a new born man with the will change Chile for the better." He says we need to stop thinking about the past and start worrying about the future. Even though he says his killing days are over it is probably just a cover up so he can get elected, and the people of Chile are very aware of what Pinochet is trying to do to the country of Chile. He just wants to get back into power and the first chance he gets he will turn on the people of Chile, that is once he has the army and the power to get away with this evil plot he is about to unleash upon the country of chile.Pinochet is almost as bad as Hitler was to his country and the Jewish people.

In my opinion I hope that the people of Chile do not elect the Pinochet again, and if they do then the horror will just start all over again.I certainly hope that the people of chile got smarter than when they were before. He actualy never did anything good for the country of Chile.




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