Evita and Juan Peron

By: Shannon Reutlinger


Eva Peron as an actress.


Evita , the youngest of five children, changed many lives even after her death. Juan, her husband, changed many lives as well. He was President of Argentina (1946-1955), and one of the most remarkable Latin American figures of the 20th century , who brought long, lasting changes in the nations politics.



In a dusty village in the Argentine pampas a girl named Eva Duarte, born out of wedlock, scrambles her way to the capital city by the time she is fifteen. Evita Peron was born May 7th, 1919 in Colonia Agricola La Union, a small twn near Los Toldos, Argentina.


On January 8th 1924, Evita's father died in a motor vehicle accident. Evita was enrolled in school for several years . She attended school from 1927-1935. In between, Evita became an actress. Evita starred in several events. Eva was an actress both on-stage and in movies from 1935-1944 . That played a big part in her life .


She was the mistress of Colonel Peron, then, in October 1945 after the "shirtless ones " had swept Peron into office, the president's wife . In the colorful setting of postwar Argentina, she weilded a spiritual and practical power that has few parallels outside of hereditary monarchy . She was literally idolized by millions, but was hated and feared by many as well. She became Evita the legend. Evita found out in 1951 that she would soon die from cancer and she knew she had to make a speech to her country. This would be the hardest thing she would ever have to do in her life. Evita then died in 1952.



A picture of Juan Peron . President of Argentina


Juan, born in 1895, was Evita's husband and president of Argentina. He was one of the most remarkable Latin American figures of the 20th century , who brought long-lasting changes in the nations politics. Juan was born in Lobos, Buenos Aires Province . He was educated at the Colegio Militar from 1911 to 1913, and at the Escuela Superior de Guerra from 1926 to 1929 . In 1930 he took part in a military uprising against President Hip-lito Irigoyen and served as private secretary of the minister of war from 1930 to 1935. Juan died in 1974.

Juan and Evita met on January 19-22 in 1944. A year later they had fallen in love and got married October 22, 1945.




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