A Country of Wonder

By Rachel Nikzad

* B I E N V E N I D O S ! *


Welcome to the central information station of Paraguay! If you

want facts about the History, Climate, Famous People, Tourist Attractions, Culture, or Religion of Paraguay, you've come to the right place!



Paraguay was founded in 1537 by Asuncion, who came from Spain. Many battles and wars have occurred in this South American country, but some of the major wars that changed all of Paraguay historically are: The Chaco war (from 1932-1935) and the Paraguayan war (1864-1870), which was between Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, and of course, Paraguay. There also was the declaration of independence in 1811 against the Buenos Aires revolutionaries. To found out more information on these wars, please go to the links page.




The natives in Paraguay are Indian, the Indian language is Guarani. Spanish is used in government, schools, and business while Guarani is used in poetry and plays. These native Indians are well known for their extraordinary lace work called Nanduti, they say it is modeled after the characteristics of a spider web. It is a derivative of European lace making tradition. The Paraguayan culture is very simple. The people in this humble country are hard workers, but at the same time care free when it comes to being on time or having deadlines.




Looking for a place to go while you're on vacation? Well, you've come to the right place! Asuncion is the capital of Paraguay, not to mention the largest city as well. Some great places located in Asuncion are:

Placio de Gobierno~ a palace that is now able to be photographed, but before , anyone caught taking pictures of this grand palace was to be shot on sight! Even if the were just "gazing".


Casa Viola~ This is one of the very few surviving colonial buildings existing now. (ask travel agent for location)


The 19th Century Cathedral and its museum is also a wonderful sight to see, stained glass windows and high ceilings make you fee royal!


Casa de la Independencia~ Asuncion's oldest building!


The Chaco is also a great place to see! It's a plain with a a fairly large number of Paraguayan people.


Neu-Halbstadt~ an Indian hand craft store located on the Chaco.


Loma Plata~ the oldest and most traditional settlement on the plain! Very authentic!


The Amazon rainforest makes up part of Paraguay. The Amazon is home to millions of species of plants, mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish, and insects! Some parts of the forest are almost impenetrable.




Want to stay away from snow storms and cold rains? Paraguay is the place to go! This Latin country is very warm in its summers and rains humid rains where its forests are. Paraguay is rarely cold; so, if you're the type that can't stand being cold..... Paraguay's tropical weather will be paradise for you!!! Humidity is also a common factor in the tropics of Paraguay.



Paraguay has many religions, the people aren't too prejudiced about having various religions and beliefs in the same area. The MAIN religion however, is now Catholicism. Once the Spaniards came and introduced the belief of God and the Virgin Mary; Paraguayans had converted mainly through force of the Spanish church. Although some people openly took on the idea of God being THE only greater being whom created everything, most local Paraguayans had grudgingly converted for the sake of sparing a fight.





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