~Oscar Arias Sanchez~

by Jessica Wright


   Former Costa Rican President and Nobel Peace Prize winner, Oscar Arias Sanchez, was born on September 13, 1941, 
in Heredia, a small town near the capitol of Costa Rica. Arias was born into a family who had been involved 
in the coffee making business and politics for many generations.  As a child he attended private schools in
 Heredia.  Later, he went to the University of Costa Rica, where he studied law and economics.  While he was 
attending school he also became a member of the PLN (National Liberation Party).  Here he became loyal to the 
idea of social equity and anti-militarism.  After his schooling at the University of Costa Rica he did some 
traveling and ended up in England.  Here he went to the University of Essex and London's School of Economics. 
 By age thirty, Oscar was a highly educated, extremely well -traveled, and a published political thinker and 
activist.  In 1972 he was named Minister of National Planning and Political Economy on the cabinet of 
Pepe Figueres.   In 1973 Oscar was married to Margarita Penon Gongora, with whom he had his daughter, Silvia Euginia.  
 In 1975 the PLN named him International Secretary.  By 1979 he was the head of this party 
and now General Secretary. With this he represented his party in many Socialist International Congresses.   In 1984 he 
resigned from this position, as he was interested in joining the presidential campaign.  Then in 1986, he
was elected President of Costa Rica.
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