*The Ancient Nazca Culture*

By: Chris Santillan



he Nazca was a culture that thrived in the southern coastal deserts of Peru in an area called the Nazca Valley. The Nazca and the Moche are both ancestors of the Incas. Even though the Nazca, Moche, Maya, and the Aztec lived on two different continents, they all shared similar cultural traits. The Nazca culture existed from 300BC. to 800 AD. Not a lot of information is known about their lifestyle, but what we do know has been learned from the artifacts that they left in cemeteries and long forgotten cities. The Nazca culture is mostly famous for it's wonderful pottery and mindboggling drawings in the desert floor.

The Nazca pottery was made of polychrome. The process is very simple to do and lasts a very long time. The painting is done with white or red backgrounds. The designs are usually outlined in black and filled with various shades of red, orange, blue-gray, or purple. These designs usually have a naturalistic idea showing people, animals, birds, fish, and plants. The pots come in many unusual styles like open bowls or double-spouted jars with flat bridged handles.


pottery girl


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