The Ancient Moche Culture

By: Sandra Havelka

~Historical Backround~

The Ancient Moche Cutlure existed in Peru long before the Incas. The Moche left two pyramids called the Huaca del Sol and the Huaca de la Luna. These were found and explored by archaeologist Max Uhle, between 1898 and 1899. Inside the Huaca Del Sol y de la Luna, were many dozens of tombs. They were stacked neatly one on top of another. By the art that was on the tombs, Uhle could see that the tombs contained people and things of different cultures: the Incas, the Chimu, and an earlier one which was dubbed proto-Chimu. They refered to the Huaca Del Sol y de la Luna as "The works of the gentiles". The gentiles would be the Moche.

Here in Peru sits a little hut or a house. Around it, there are many hills/mountains, trees, and lots of sunshine.


Peru was the place where the Moche culture existed. The language that was spoken there was called Muchik. This is where Peruvian archaeologist, Julio C. Tello, brought out the idea that the culture should be called Moche or Mochica. Mochica refers to the Muchik language.

This is a place in Peru where the Moche Culture existed. There were many plains, grassy areas, hills and mountains in Peru.


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