The Mexican Muralists


The Muralist Movement in Mexico started in the early 1900's. Some of the greatest painters of the 20th century were a direct result of this period in art. Vasconcelos, creator of the Ministry of Public Education in Mexico, hired some of these artists like David Siqueiros, Jose Clemente Orozco, and Diego Rivera to paint the walls of public buildings in Mexico. Another influential artist was Rufino Tamayo. He painted with fiery reds and yellows of Mexico's native Indians. They all painted the history and soul of the Mexican people. Many depicted the Aztecs. In 1910 plans to overthrow President Diaz, of Mexico, were made. Diaz, a dictator, eventually resigned. He was a symbol of everything that was corrupt in Mexico. The Revolution had barely begun. It got off to a rocky start, and nothing constructive happened until 1920. Artists expressed their opinions, criticisms, and appreciation of the new Mexico through their paintings. They got their message across to the literate and the illiterate alike and earned world wide recognition.


Diego Rivera

José Clemente Orozco

David Alfaro Siqueiros





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