by Aisha Roper


The Battle of Monterey


The first half of the nineteenth century for the United States was a period of swift and vigorous geographic epansion. Tens of thousands of settlers moved west to settle and claim their own land.

The same settlers who sought adventure soon discovered a frontier reigon- Texas. Texas, at the time, was a vast, sprawling area with few inhabitants; a province of the Rebublic of Mexico. Mexico had recently gained its independence from Spain. During the 1820's ad 1830's, thousands of American homesteaders moved into Texas.They brought with them thier own culture and a system of laws and politics that were much different from the Mexican way of life. The two suddenly were in a conflict that led to an armed confrontation that would eventually lead to the beginning of the Mexican-American War.

General Winfield Scott at Veracruz

The Mexicans were drawn into the war, fought between 1846 ad 1848, partly because of the need to defend thier homeland, honor, and way of life. After the war the winner would claim the then rolling plains of Texas, the rugged mountains of Colorado, and the valleys of California. Both sides wanted to expand this land for living space and uncover whatever lay hidden in the land. This was the heart of the conflict. The Mexican government had inisted that the land had belonged to Mexico and that the country was willing to fight for it. On the other hand, the American leaders believed that this land could belong to anyone strong enough to hold it. Neither side would back down and thus, the Mexican-American War began.


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