Francisco de Goya

By David Lawrence Santiago

"The Father of Modern Art"


Francisco de Goya is considered by many to be the father of modern art. Francisco Goya was born in Fuendetodos, Zaragoza Spain on March 30, 1746. Goya lived and painted in Spain until he was twenty, when he left Spain to paint in Italy. Francisco de Goya died in Bordeaux, France.

It was said that a priest discovered Goya's talent when Goya had drawn a picture of a hog on a wall. It was said that a priest told Goya's father, Jose Goya, that his son had a great tallent for the arts and that he should help his son pursue a career in the arts. At age 12 Goya painted 3 works of art for his church.

Goya left for Madrid, Spain in 1763 to go for a scholarship but he failed 3 times in the competitions for painting the wives of kings, in 1766. Although he was not the winner, he did receive a laudatory mention and six votes for his painting. Goya was so excited that he left for Saragosa. There Goya did many paintings which added to his success.

On July 25, 1775 Goya married Josefina Bayeu. Josefina was a director of the San Fernendo Academy. There Goya was commisioned to paint cartoons of contempory customs and holiday activities for the Royal Tapestry factory in Santa Barbra. He did this from 1774 to 1792. He did a total of 54 cartoons in Rococo Style.

In 1779 Goya was finally accepted at the San Fernando Academy when he entered a small classical painting, "Aesop". In 1780 the king of Spain commisioned Goya in 1780 to paint an altar piece for the church. In 1785 he was appionted Lieutenent director of painting at the San Fernando Academy.

Goya became ill in Seville at the end of 1792. He ended up totally deaf and undewent a major personality change. In 1812 his wife died and Goya painted "The Burial of the Sardine" for the parish church of Chinchon in memory of his wife. Goya then retired in 1828 and died of a stroke that very same year. There are many other well known artist that also made a big impact on modern art, such as Picasso, Velazquez and Dali. Many of Goya's master peaces can be found in The Prado Museum in Spain. All of the paintings below can be found in the Prado Museum in Spain.

"Two Old Men" c. 1821-1823


"Men Reading" c. 1819-1823


"Leocadia" c. 1821- 1823


"Fight With Cudgels" c. 1820-1823





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