Alberto Keinya Fujimori

by Teresa Anderson




Family Life

Alberto was from a Japanese immigrant family. His parents Naochi and Matsue Fujimori came from East Asia and had two other sons and two other daughters. Alberto was born on July 28th,1938. He married a beautiful young lady named Susana Higuchi. He had some children and then later on divorced her. She was later accused of technofraud.



It was a few weeks before the end of the elections. A well known Peruvian writer named Mario Vargas Liosa in the Conservative Party was at the top of the polls and about to win. A Japenese descendant came out of no where and joined the race for the elections.The elections for president were held in 1990. In the April election Alberto came in a strong second and forced a run-off in June. He then won the run-off with 56% of the vote. He won this election on his 52nd birthday.


A map of modern Peru


Being President

Being president wasn't going to be the easiest thing he was going to do. There were many problems he had to overcome. The economy in Peru had shrunk by a fifth in the last two years. Prices had increased by 20,000 percent in the previous five years. Unemployment and underemployment were an especially large problem. Also, political corruption in Peru was out of control. Alberto made many enemies by going against corrupt politicians, including his predecessor Alan Garicia.


Accomplishments/ Problems to overcome

In April of 1992 President Fujimori dissolved the congress, suspended the constitution, and imposed censorship. Ever since Alberto got rid of the congress, he had many problems in his hands. Drugs in Peru has been a major problem.The Shining Path Guerrillas became a huge problem, terrorizing the country and disrupting many of its vital operations. The Shining Path Guerrillas were also communist. President Fujimori had a choice of either saving the country or letting it continue in its downward democratic spiral into chaos. He chose the former.

The US has been sending money for the army in Peru. The US is in total support of the way President Fujimori runs his country. Later on Peru became one of the most dynamic economies in Latin America. Inflation was down 18% in 1994. He has enjoyed solid political support from over 1/2 of Peru's population.


Another Election

In April 1995 Fujimori ran for president again. He ran against fifteen other candidates. The main people he ran against were Javier Perz de Cueller and Alejandro Toledo. During this election his wife ,Susana, caused major drama. She divorced him during this election time. His kids stood by his side through the whole ordeal. Later on he won the 1995 election by more then 50% of the vote, avoiding a run-off.



Alberto Fujimori's mother said Alberto was from Peru. Though the published documents said that his mother had entered Peru with two children . Alberto was her second child. Alberto then based his case on his birth certificate that stated he was born in Lima on July 28, 1938. If it was true that Alberto was not born in Peru that would mean it would be illegal for him to be President of Peru. On August 15,1997 the Peruvian congress voted to not form a commission to investigate the allegation that Alberto was born outside of Peru.


The Baby Born with Fujimori

On Tuesday February 23,1999 a 23 year old Peruvian woman gave birth to her 6.6 pound baby boy on Fujimori's helicopter. Alberto was heading out to see the flood damages in the northern coast . Where they picked up Marcelina Rojas from the hospital. The woman then went into labor and Fujimori's personal doctor helped with the delivery while Fujimori kept Marcelina calm. Marcelina named her son Kenyi Alberto after Fujimori and Fujimori's youngest son.





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