Franco and his Rule in Spain

Francisco Franco (1892-1975)


Franco was a dictator and military leader in Spain. After leading conservative forces to victory in a revolt against a liberal government in the Spanish Civil War, he ruled over Spain with an iron fist for more than thirty years until his death in 1975. He is credited for forcing communism out of Spain, but his methods were harsh, and the Spanish people enjoyed precious few personal freedoms during his rule.


Franco was born on December 4,1892, on Maria street in El Ferrol, Spain. It seems that he did not have a happy childhood. He was the second child in a middle class family of sailors. His father left the house and his mother was in charge of his education. He went to Sagrado Coraozon school. He was prudent and smart.

Starting the War

He started at the infantry when he was thirty years old. He graduated from the infantry academy of Toledo in 1910. He quickly rose in the army. He had a reputation for being honest, efficient, and dedicated. He was also the director of The Military Academy of Zaragoza. During his term of service, he traveled a lot with the Spanish military. Usually they travled to Canary Islands or to Morocco. During World War I he tried to keep Spain neutral because they were not in a good position to fight in a war. They were not economicaly or politicaly ready to fight. Instead, he sent volunteers to help the German army early in the war.

General Franco reviews his troops


On July 18-20,1936, Army Garrisons throughout Spanish Morocco rose in rebellion against the newly elected liberal Republican government.The uprising, was under the leadership of General Francisco Franco. At the time Franco was forty-four years old. He was a former commander of the Spanish Foreign Legion. The revolt had been planned for a long time, but Franco's Conservative forces were not going to win a quick victory. A long a bloody civil war had begun.

Some have said that the Spanish Civil War was almost like a "dress rehearsal" for the horrors the entire world would suffer in World War II. As Franco and his Nationalist/Conservative forces slowly won battles and consolidated power, high ranking Republicans or anyone else with a different political view that were captured were shot All political parties except for one were banned for Spain. On August 15, 1936, in Seville, General Franco cried to a large crowd "Here it is! It is yours! They wanted to rob us of it! This is our flag, one to which we have all sworn, which our fathers have died for a hundered times covered with glory!"

General Francisco Franco died in 1975. he will always be remembered in Spian because he killed many people and he was a very mean military leader.


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