by Jennifer Peterson

Flamenco Music: The music type comes from Andalusia, in southern Spain. It comes from the nineteenth century. The music is played by using a guitar and someone usually sings. The mood of flamenco can range from sadness to happiness. This style of music shows the person's feeling and emotions. The style of guitar playing is more dramatic than the classical style.


Instrument: The guitar is used for playing the music. The flamenco guitar has one or two plastic or wooden plates next to the sound hole, which the guitarist taps with his fingernails for a percussive effect.The guitar has 12 stings and has a higher, sharper sound. The guitar came from the Arab world. In the 8th century, the Arabs or Moors invaded Spain.

Flamenco dance: Flamenco is an individual dance from Andalucia. This dance is improvised and spontaneous. The woman will put all of her emotions and what she is feeling at the time into her dance. The style of dance is called Baile.This dance is usually made up on the spot. They use there hands and feet. They dance by clapping and moving their hands to define the rhythm.


Flamenco history: Flamenco is a Spanish art form. It exists in three forms; Cante, the song, Baile,the dance, the Guitarra, the guitar playing. Gypsies are a very important part in this creation. some people believe that Gypsies are the main focus of the flamenco dance and song. But also the popular songs and dances of Andalusia have influenced early Flamenco.

The first time that Flamenco was reported was in 1774. By 1860 the dance became very important in ballrooms. Early Flamenco seems to be all vocal accompanied by rhythmical clapping of hands. But it has turned into a song, dance, and guitar combo today.

The flamenco dance became a major attraction in the public in cafes cantantes. Guitar players featuring the dancers increasingly gained a reputation. It became world wide in 1910 to 1955.

It was also a big part of Gypsy life. They were known to create the dance moves. It was also a part of their blood say a lot of Gypsy poets and writers.

Also flamenco dance has changed,specially for women dancers they to showcase their temperament than there artistry. The Flamenco guitar that formerly was just featuring the dancers arrived to be soloistical art form.Paco de Lucia was a major part of this new discovery.

Dress: The dress is bright and colorful. The dresses are large and usually higher in the front than in the back.The back of the dress was long and large for the lady's to pick up and fling around to show there emotion. The dresses were frilly and the skirts were big. The men usually wear slacks and fancy shirts and jackets.





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