A picture of the modern Colombian capital, Bogotá


Colombia first received it's independence from Spain in 1819 , eariler than any other country. It then es . nowtablished traditions of civilian government with regular free election . Now the drug trafficking has disrupted the normal and private activites of people.Colombia is located in the Northern south America surrounding the Caribbean Sea between Panama and Venezulea and bordering the North pacific ocean. Currently there are about 39,309,422 people living there .



The Republic:

After defeating the Spanish army the Republic included all the territory the former viverayalty . Simon Bolivar was the first president and Franciso de Paula Santander, was the vice president . Colombia was not at all like any other Latin American countries it had a tradition of civilan government and free elections . In 1830 Ecuador and Venezuela withdrew from the republic . Now after that the country's commitments to democratic



The Violence of the Children:

Children of the streets and other children in Colombia , are trapped in a high level of danger . A large number murders of the Colombian youths are committed by the police . They are involved with the torture , beating , killing and the providing of the weapons being used for the killings . In 1993 2,190 murders were of children and only twelve have gone to trail . The Human Rights Watch calls the Colombian government to make the public safe .



Here are some interesting movies and facts about Colombia:

Coffee is the most important agricultural crop in Colombia.

People in the countryside continue to move to the cities in search of a better life.

Colombia is one of the world's leading sources of emeralds.

Flowers that grow in Colombia's warm climate are flown all over the world each day.




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