by Liane Bender


Official Name: Republic de Chile

National Population: 11,797,000

Capital: Santiago

Capital Population: 3,899,495

Language: Spanish but many Mapuche (Araucanian) Indians are bilingual and speak both their native language and spanish.German is also used but mainly in the Valdivia region.

Narional Songs: "Cancion Nacional de Chile" (National Anthem), "Dulce Patria" (Sweet Country)

National Dance: Cueca

National Flower: Copihue (a member of the rose family)

Religion: 80% Roman Catholic, 5% Jewish, and the Indians follow their own tribal religions.

Money: Pesos and centavo(100 centavos per peso) Coins are for 1,5,10, and 50 pesos and paper bill are used for 100, 500, 1,000, and 5,000 pesos.

Exchange rates: Chilean pesos (Ch$) per US$1-452.60 (January 1998), 419.30 (1997), 412.27 (1996), 396.78 (1995), 420.08 (1994), 404.35 (1993)

Fiscal year: calendar year

Government type: republic
Major Cities: Santiago, Viña del Mar, Valparìaso, Concepcìon, Antofagasta and Valdivia.

A popular sport in Chile: windsurfing









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