There are many beautiful plants that grow and give life to the Amazon

The Amazon has a vast variety of trees. They include: myrtle, palm, acacia, rosewood, Brazil nut, rubber tree, and many others.

There are many plants that attract animals and insects. Animals pick off pollen to eat and collect. There are many many different types of plants of all shapes and colors.

Many plants don't need that much sunlight to live in the understory. There are more plants that live in the understory than in the treetops. Two that live in the water are the Rafflesia flower and the water lily. There are plants that live near the water, but not in the water. They're also a part of the understory.

Orchids are one of the most beautiful flowers in the world. There are over five hundred species of orchids in the Amazon area. Lots of orchid species grow near the trees. They need plenty of sunlight. Bees pollinate many orchid blossoms. Sometimes orchids smell like female bees, which tricks the male bees to transport the flowers' pollen.

The rain forest of the Amazon is sometimes known for its great canopy. It shelters many animals and contains all sorts of wonderful plantlife.

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