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Welcome to Mr. Baird's English class at Independence High School, 1776 Educational Park Drive, San Jose, CA. 95133. Democracy Hall. Phone: 408-928-9561
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This website is dedicated to providing information to Mr. Baird's English 1, English 4 and Teaching Academy Practicum students and parents.

The buttons on the left will help you navigate through the various sections of the site. At the bottom of each page is another menu bar that contains more useful information such as links to my email address, policies, grading rubrics, grammar help and literary terms.
English 1
This page contains information about my English 1/9 course content, student expectations, and syllabus, as well as links to other websites to aid you in researching our overarching theme for the year: human tolerance in an increasingly intolerant world.
English 4
English 4 is the culmination of college-track English preparation. This page will give you the course content, student expectations and syllabus, as well as links to other websites to aid you in researching our overarching theme for the year: what it means to be a human being in today's complex, multicultural society.
Teaching Academy Practicum
The Teaching Academy Practicum is an elective course offered to qualified Teaching Academy seniors who have two years of experience in classrooms working with elementary school children. The Practicum page will give you information on the course content, teaching and/or tutoring requirements, and links to websites of particular interest to those who wish to major in education.
Parents Only
The Parents Only page gives information about some of the services available to the parent of an Independence High School student. Parents will find some important links to the East Side Union High School District, and Independence High School Web pages. Please take the time to browse through all the services available to parents of IHS students.
California State Standards
The State of California has very extensive content standards in English Language Arts. These rigorous standards are used to create and assess the standardized tests that are so vital to today's student. Students who graduate in 2004 will have to pass the HSEE or High School Exit Exam, and all students (except seniors) must participate in the STAR, or SAT-9, testing each year. These Standards drive my class, so that my students can succeed in attaining whatever educational goal they desire. This link will take you to the California State Board of Education Web site. You will need Adobe Acrobat to read the files marked "English-Language Arts (pdf)." If you don't have Adobe Acrobat, follow the directions to download this FREE program, or view them in HTML format.
About Me
Last, and certainly least, is a page on Mr. Baird. On this page you will find my educational and teaching background. I reserve the right to post the occasional picture of my family. Sorry, but what the heck, it's my website, after all!
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